00-00 NW BBQ And Grilling School - Portland - Vancouver Area - Private Pig Out For 20 People At Your House With Lunch

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ARE YOU READY FOR A PIG OUT IN YOUR DRIVEWAY??  Well lets get with it!!!!  We have the equipment .. we just need you and your friends.   Our school will bring a whole pig plus more to your house for a full pig out.  We will show you how to prepare and be ready to eat a full pig in less than 6 hours.  And while the pig is cooking we will help you prepare a great lunch and some great side dishes for the pig.  Class runs from 9AM in the morning until 5PM in the evening.


The class is priced at $1495 and you can have up to 20 students attend.  And what is really cool is that at 3PM in the afternoon each student can invite another guest to come over and help you eat the pig!!!  If you want.. by the way you can have more than 20 students...  but there is an additional cost of just $40 per student over 20 and we can handle up to 30 students.  


When were cooking the pig we will be cooking the pig in a Cuban Style Pig Box so there not be a big mess during or after the pig is cooked.  Once we show you how to cook a pig in one of these great boxes we would not be surprised if you went out and bought one yourself.  The are really easy and fun to use.  During the class we will need at least one gas grill and two additional smokers as we will be preparing some pretty cool stuff so please keep that in mind!!!  Unless you want to cook the pies and chickens we will be doing in your oven!!!! OOOPs..  that is not a good idea!!!!!!  

As mentioined..  while the pig is cooking the students will be preparing a great lunch.  Lunch will consist of Tri Tip Sandwiches, a Red Potato Salad, some bacon wrapped asparagus along with a side of chicken.  Along the way and for fun the students will be smoking some chocolate chip cookies.  To get ready for the pig eating the students will be making some BBQ Sauce, some corn bread, some smoked beans along with some cole slaw and Smoked Pies. 


For the Pig Meal.. there will be enough food so that each student can invite a guest over at around 3PM in the afternoon.  Each student is asked to bring their own take home containers as there is always food left over.


The cost of the class does not always include our travel.  As with our other classes we travel up to 20 miles away from our local facility at no charge.  For locations over 20 miles our usual fee is $1.00 per mile.  This is something you should discuss with us prior to booking your class.!!!

So are you ready to do a pig??

Again - this class is for up to 20 students.  The cost to add additional students --- which means additional recipes.. the cost is just $40 per person and we can handle up to 30 people.  So if you have a big yard and lots of friends..  THE AT HOME PIG OUT IS FOR YOU!!  

Give us a call at 1-206-551-6265 and lets schedule your date.  What a great present for the 4th of July??  Or how about buying now and scheduling it on Father's Day.!!!  Anyway..  let us know.. lets get going..