00-00 Seattle BBQ & Grilling School 6 Hr Weekend BBQ Class Special

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So you are looking for a special price for the Seattle BBQ and Grilling School - well you have come to the right place.  The normal price of the 6 hour BBQ and Grilling School in Seattle is $170 but we have a limited number of spots available at the very low price of $89.00 per individual. The classes in Seattle are held almost every Friday, Saturday or Sunday starting the first of March and ending in late October.  The actual dates for the classes can be found on the web site  SeattleBBQandGrillingSchool.com.  The classes cover everything from mouth watering pulled pork and brisket to barbecued bacon filled cabbage.  Lets see during class you have a snack that includes some pulled pork, brisket, port tenderloin and chicken wings.  The snack should hold you over until lunch where you will have two types of ribs, three different types of chicken, bbq'd squad, cabbage, potatoes along with some stuffed peppers.  Later on you will feast on some grilled pizza and dessert.  At the school you eat what you cook!!.  This is a hands on course with lots of fun, food and preparation.  You will be cooking on a gas grill, a Big Green Egg, A Grilla and Traeger smoker pellet grill along with with other pretty cool equipment.  This class will not disappoint you and it is taught by people who love to BBQ and Grill.  This is a great Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday or Holiday Gift.  This is a gift that keeps on giving and is perfect for anyone in your family who likes to BBQ and Grill. The school is located very near South Center Mall in Tukwila, Wa.  It is really easy to get to and parking free and there are lots of parking spaces to choose form.  Again it is easy to get to and it is a great place for anyone want to learn more about BBQ'ing and Grilling.  It is a prefect place to send the BBQ guy/gal who thinks he/she knows it all... when were done..  well .. he/she will be close to knowing it all!! After you make a purchase for this class one of our staff will contact you to find out where we should send the certificate and whose name should be on the certificate in case it is a gift.  These classes are really great. Come on .. your only a couple of clicks away from some great fun...  bring a buddy!!!  Let get grilling!!