00-00 Seattle - Tacoma Area Team Building BBQ Class

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Team Building - Team Building - Team Building - Can You Say Team Building Baby!!! - Yep - Planning a corporate or team building event? Well then you must consider our school as one of your best options.  During your team building event at one of our BBQ Schools - Your team members will not only work together and compete together but then they get to eat and devour all the food that they have been creating throughout the day!!  How Cool Is That!!  

Our Seattle Classes are held at 772 Industry Drive, Tukwila, Wa.  98188.  Team building classes are usually held anytime Monday through Thursday during a time that works for your team members. 

During our standard 4 hour team building event.. your team members will -- with their own hands -- help create and cook a "Stand Up Chicken", they will learn how to inject and properly bacon wrap a pork tenderloin, they will learn how to bbq some wonderful chicken wings, they will learn how to properly cook fish and will prepare some fish a couple of different ways.  In addition the group will learn how to steam some ribs and finish them off on a grill.  They will learn the art of Matambre.  That is... well... they will learn how to properly fillet out a flank steak and stuff it with delicious items making what is commonly known as Matambre!!!  Along the way they will make some pizza, bbq a cabbage, create wonderful apple desserts, as well as create some great potato side dishes.  Vegetarians are welcome as we can accomdate those love to bbq vegetables!!!

Our facilities can handle up to 30 students per event.  The cost of our 4 hour team building event is priced at $30 per student with a minimum cost of $495.00.  If you wish to add steaks to the 4 hour class the cost goes up to $35.00 per student with a minimum cost of $560.00.

We can also provide you with a 6 hour team building event and that is priced at $50 per head (Minimum $750).  In this class some steaks are included.  Also with this class students will also have the opportunity to prepare and eat a smoked brisket.  They will also participate in the creation of and in the eating of some pulled pork!!!  Smoked ribs are also added to the menu along with a few more items.


Only at our BBQ and Grilling Schools can team members create and then eat what they have created!!  Fun and team work are the two great components that make this a great company outing!!


It should be noted that our price does not include any beverages.  Team members are asked to bring in what ever it is that they like to drink during their event.  Beer, Wine, Pop or Water!!!  What ever it is that you wish your team to drink we ask that you bring it along as drinks are not included.!!  We do provide for everything else.  Yes .. we can do this at your location but due to the amount of dishes and the amount of food that we prepare it is often much easier to have the event at our location as we have lots of sinks, tables and chairs.  There are also some traveling and set up fees associated with having the event held at your location.  Please call Stu at 1-866-759-4915 to discuss any event that you might wish to have at your location.  Most of the time it is easier to have the event at our location but -- yep -- we can travel if we must!!


Have any questions or ready to schedule an event?  Just give us a call toll free at 1-866-759-4915 and we will answer your questions or reserve your date!!!  You know your team will have a great time and will thank you for taking them to an event where they not only got to know and with with their fellow team mates... but they learned some skills that they can use for life!!! Again... how cool is that..   Ready.. Call 1-866-759-4915 right now!!!