05-12-2018 Seattle - Special BBQ and Smoking Class 201 - For 101 Graduates For 1

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This class is for dedicated smokers who want to improve their smoking skills and the class will be held on May 12th, 2018 from 9am to about 5PM.

Special BBQ and Smoking Class - 201  (Seattle, Wa) 772 Industry Drive, Tukwila, Wa.  98188 From 9am to 5PM   We will be offering this class 2 times in 2018 and this is one of them. 

This is where you buy a ticket for 1.  $89.00.  If you wish to bring a friend and save go to the same date and class but for two people and the cost is just $170

This Class Is primarily for graduates of the 6 hour 101 BBQ and Smoking Class -  The 201 Class is a smoking class and not a grilling class!!!


The class will not be taught if less than 12 people sign up.


This class will only be taught 3 times each year and it is geared for people who wish to improve on their meat smoking skills.  It is not designed for those who only have a gas grill!!! Gas Grillers should take either the 4 hour steak class, the 3 hour seafood class or the basic 101 smoking and grilling class.


So for those people who want to learn more about smoking meats this is your class!!!! During this class students will prepare three different types of competition style ribs, students will smoke and eat a Tri-Tip Steak.  Students will grill an artichoke and make a wedge salad.  Students will prepare and eat Chicken Leg Lollipops, they will bake a cake in a smoker as well as smoke some vegetable kabobs.  For fun the students will smoke a meat loaf and make some proscuitto wrapped stuffed figs.  These items will be complemented by some smoked cookies and watermelon salad.  


For The Main Course:  students will spend a good part of the early morning stuffing and preparing a great prochetta...  now if you have never prepared a porchetta you are in for a real treat!!!  


Porchetta is a fatty, juicy, amazing pork preparation that is essentially all the good parts on a pig rolled into one - literally. It’s a hollowed out pig stuffed with fresh herbs and salt so you get the cracklin’s, the belly, the loin, etc all in one preparation. It’s the Italian version of pulled pork – slow and low with lots of love, fat and flavor.
So anyway .. if you have taken our 101 class and are interested in taking your smoking abilities up to the next level this class is for you!!! Again this class will only be taught 2 times a year and it is not a first class... it is designed for those who have been through our first class!!!
So get ready.... loosen your belt... and lets get smoking!!!!  AND BY THE WAY IF THE CLASS FILLS UP.. We might even include smoking a leg of lamb!!!
If you have any questions call us at our office at 206-551-6265.