05-16-2018 Tailgating Class - Special Bay Area BBQ School Tailgating Class for 2

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This class is on Wednesday May 16th, 2018 From 6:30PM to 9:30PM.

You are welcome to bring a varity of your own beverages.

This particular offering is How To Up Your Tailgating Skills for 2 People and is priced at $79.00 for the two people. --- If you wish to purchase a ticket for 1 person, please look at the same class for 1.  A class for one is $45 so bring a friend and save at $79 for both.  

So our tailgating extraviganza is just a little heavy on the bacon,so if your a vegetarian, you should probably stop and get yourself something on the way in.

Starting off the students in this 3 hour class will be making some-

Moink Balls - You will be wrapping some all ready made meatballs with bacon and then glazing these wonder items with some great BBQ Sauce.  Next or somewhere during the day you will be making some

Pig Shots - Nice slices of Kielbasa wrapped with some bacon, bbq rub,and stuffed with a little cream cheese.

Beef Bombs - always a hit around the tailgate. Here the students will halve some jalapenos and then stuff the jalapenos with some marinated flank steak slices, wrapped in bacon.

Mini Bacon Bombs On A Stick - Here students will take some ground beef some rub, cheese and after carefully playing with their mixture the students will place their mixture on a skewer and then wrap it all with bacon.

  If we have some time we will try to make some Tortilla Chips - (Some times we run out of time though) students will take grilled tomato, onion and jalapens and make up a great salsa for some chips.

Tequila Limie Chicken Wings- Students will use one of our smokers to smoke up some nice chicken wings, and when about done we will glaze the wings with a nice lime glaze.

The students will learn how to make a Bacon Explosion - which is made using Ground Pork - bbq rub, rolled into a really neat bacon weave. Plus sometimes we throw in a couple of extra recipes.

The class will be held at our BAY AREA  Location@ 751 13TH Street, San Francisco, Ca  94130 --- on Treasure Island. 

Phone Number =206-551-6265

Again the class is from 6:30PM to 9:30PM and like all of our classes it is a class where we ask that you bring your own beverages .. beer, wine, pop or water.

The classes will not be held is less than 12 people sign up.