11-09-2019 In Seattle/Tukwila, Wa - It's Our -- Let's All Get Ready For Some Smoked Meats For Xmas and New Year's Class For 2

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This class is on a SATURDAY the 9th of November starting at 9am.

This is one of our most popular classes as we head into the holidays!!! It is so popular that between the 1st of October and Xmas we will be teaching the class 2 times.

This particular offering is for two people!!.  If you are looking to come with someone and want to save a couple of bucks you are at the right place.  If you are just looking to buy a single ticket look for the same class listing for 1 person instead of 2.  The cost of the class is $84 for 1 person and $160 for 2 people.  

SO yep!!!  .. you wanted some ideas on how to make some great holiday dishes using some of the smoking and charcoal equipment that we use at the school... Well!!!!  --- 


During this special ... Lets Get Ready For the Holidays Class on the 9TH of November, 2019.... -- A SATURDAY.... starting at 9am and going until about 4 to 5pm at

our Seattle - actually Tukwila School at 772 Industry Drive, Tukwila, Wa.  98188... we will be helping students prepare the following:

First..   Come The Turkeys ... we are going to help the students prepare three different turkeys - three different ways..  and on three different types of equipment..     Students will be preparing and cooking turkeys using ... a Big Easy, A Pellet Smoker and we will be cooking one turkey using charcoal in either the Big Green Egg or on a Weber Grill.  Then...

Then.. Will Come The Ham ...  Nothing beats a nice smoked ham... and nothing can ever beat a nicely smoked ham wrapped in bacon.  We will only wrap the ham in bacon if you force us to!! (He says with a smile).

Then Will Come Not One But Two Prime Ribs..  With the Prime Ribs...  we are planning to reverse sear one of the Prime Rib Roats while the other we plan to cook in a big easy.

Then Will Come A Couple Of Quacks!!!  (Ducks Actually)  If and only if there are more than 20 students however... if we have less than 20 students there will be no quacks!!! (or ducks) If we have more than 20 students sign up for the class we will provide the class with two Ducks .. and just like the smoked turkey we will smoke the two ducks to perfection!!!

And No We Won't Forget Some Lunch!!!    Around Noon or So.. Maybe 1pm..  the students will certainly be cooking up some lunch -- were not sure what we are going to do for lunch yet...  but we know there will be some!!!  We might plate up some of the Rib Roast.. and make some sandwiches or maybe we will break out some of the ham... what ever lunch we figure out.. we do know that it will be good!!!!


For the afternoon..  what we are planning is not a huge meal.. but we are planning on allowing the students to taste and eat the items that they have cooked as them come off of the smokers!!!


This class is primarily for people who like to smoke meats and use charcoal.... Our propane grills will more than likely stay inside.  Keep in mind that you can bring your own beverages to class!! Beer, Wine, Pop or Water...  and Keep in mind that we do have heat in our facility... but it could be wet outside so even though the grills will be covered...  be sure to dress appropriately!!!


Again we must have at least 12 people sign up for the class for it to be held.... and if we are going to bring in the ducks we need at least 20 people to sign up for the class.  Also don't forget to bring your own beverages as mentioned above!!!  People always forget!!.


So Lets Get Signed Up Today!!!!  Like Now...!!!!  We purposely did not plan this class on a Sunday as we know there are too many Seahawk Fans Who Would Have Had Our Heads!!!

If you have any questions please call our office at 206-551-6265 --Thanks!