2 Beer Can Chicken Stainless Steel Racks - Think Beer Can Chicken Baby!!

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Think Beer Can Chicken Baby!! and yes - we only sell them on line in the two pack because we know that you are going to loose one - sit one one - or give one away!!!   Ok..  . we must admit that it is a lot easier to stand up a chicken on your grill when using a beer can chicken holder.  In fact we recommend that you put this stand on a pie pan when you set it on your grill.  The pie pan will catch the grease and the stand will keep your chicken from falling over.  This is a must have item for anyone who cooks outside.... whether or not it be on a gas grill, a smoker, a charcoal grill or just over an open flame!!!   And again the price we quote is for two racks.. sell you one..  you need one for a gift -- sell you one -- you forget where you put it -- sell you one and you start using it as a door stop!!  So nope... they come two to a pack at a great price.....