Bayou Classic - 5011 Seasoning Injector

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If you have never injected your turkey, chicken, brisket, pulled pork or other injectable meats where have you been?  This is a must have toy for any serious BBQ or Grilling person in your family...  !!  If you have never injected any of your meats or poultry then pop over and pick up one of our Power Point CD's they have a section on injecting.  Injecting will change the way you eat!!!  We inject our meats at the school with what we call - anything that you would not fear tasting warm.  Honey, wine, little bits of garlic and ginger, pineapple juice, apple juice, cranberry juice.  You get the idea..... but ooooooooooops... guys..  things like IPA's are not high on the list as they (IPA's) do not taste very good warm.  In fact I am not sure that IPA's are even on the list.  Anyway.. if you have never injected before you had better pick up 3 or 4 injectors while you are here as the minute you taste your first injected chicken you will be sold and you will be telling all your friends about it so you might as well have their birthday gift ready.!!  Again buy 3 or 4 .. they are small and they work.  These injectors will add 20% to 30% extra moisture to the meat that you cook on the grill or bake in the oven!!!