CDN-DTTC-S Combo Probe Thermometer-Clock-Timer "Our Go To Thermometer"

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This is our go to thermometer!!  We use these on an everyday basis at our affiliated BBQ and Grilling Schools.  Some of the units are several years old and all of them are working.  WE have certainly been through a few probes with each of the units but these units just keep on working.  The steel wire meshed probes just seem to work great on our BBQ's, smokers and grills.  In addition there are magnets on the back of the unit which help keep the unit attached to the grill!! BUYING A COUPLE OF EXTRA PROBES WITH THIS UNIT IS ALWAYS A GREAT RECOMMENDATION - so we recommend that you purchase an extra 1 if not two CDN-AD-DTTC2010 Replacement probes to go along with your thermostat.  ($8.00 each).  The extra probes help to guarantee that your unit will work for you when you need it the most.  Without an extra probe we can almost guarantee that when you need your thermometer the most the probe will have gotten stepped on or closed wrong in the drawer.  Be smart... MMMM one DTTC-s with two extra probes.  Perfect.  Check out our packaged deals and you will see that we reward you (give you a discount) for purchasing one CDN-DTTC-S Thermometers with two extra probes!! How is that !!!


This unit does come in White -- which is great for indoor kitchen type work!!  We like the silver for outside!!