CDN-WT2 Digital Wireless Probe Thermometer - It Is Remote

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It is all remote!!  No sitting by the grill - go watch the game and see what the temperature is of the product that you are cooking.  It will alert you when the product gets to the temperature you want.  While we love the CDN-DTTC-S as our base thermometer at our affiliated BBQ schools ..  this takes the CDN-DTTC-S to a new level by being remote.  You can monitor the grill for up to 100 feet.  Pretty Cool for under $40.  Get a couple of extra probes:  It will not be the thermometer that give out on you --- it will be the probe just when you are cooking your most important meal of the month -- so by all means jump straight over and by at least one if not two of the AD-WTC2 replacement probes for like $8.00.  You will thank us later.  Type a description for this product here...