Gas Grill And BBQ Starter Kit 2 - Upgrade For Gas Grill Users

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Ok if you read down below you will see what is in our Gas and BBQ Starter Kit --- will this kit is the Gas and BBQ Start Kit 2..  It contains all of the items that are shown in the

Gas BBQ Starter Kit that sells for $59.95... but here we have changed out the Probe CDN DTTC Thermometer for the CDN Remote Thermometer

which is great for those of you who like to be inside watching a game while you are keeping track of the temperature of your meat outside!!!

This package sells for $74.95 with the remote thermometer .... it includes all of the other items as noted below but again with the probe thermometer have changed out in favor of the remote thermometer..  . .


So you have that new gas grill..  and you are ready to get cooking - or you have a friend or spouse who got a new grill and you are looking for a great gift of "things" you can get at a good price for the new grilling guru!!  Will here it is The BBQ Starter Kit -- Separately you would pay $7.95 for the chicken stand, $19.95 for the CDN DTTC-S Thermostat, $8.00 for the CDN Hot Oven Thermometer, at least $22.95 for the Bayou 5011 Injector    (and by the way if you have never injected anything ..  we recommend that you add one our CD's to your tray as our cd's should you how to inject your products for great moisture--- once you have learned to inject you will never ever ever (did we say never) ever cook a chicken, turkey, brisket, pulled pork, pork chop or pork tenderloin etc without injecting first) and $8.00 for a cool pretty cool and well liked BBQ Cleaning Brush. 


If you added it all up seperately you would pay, well, about $81.85 for some pretty cool stuff ..  But packaged together we have all of these items priced at just $74.95...  So there are some quick savings..   on some cool bbq items....  OOOPs want to add two discounted DTTC Extra probes.. see the BBQ Starter Kit 3 for $84.95.