Maverick ET-73 Dual Probe Remote Smoker Thermometer

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You are starting to get serious now with your pellet or log smoker when you are starting to look at this baby!! This is the start to what all people who smoke need to begin their bbq careers.  This dual probe monitors both the temperature of the meat and surface temperature of the smoker and by the way... it does it remotely so that you can be up to 100 feet away from your BBQ and still know what is happening.  The ET-732 is the next step up but this thermometer will get you going in the right direction for a long time.  *(Be sure to get some extra probes as most people mis place, step on, or break the probes and then just have to look at their thermometer until new ones arrive - think a head... get replacement probes now).  Great remote for the smoking person in your family..  again it will give you the meat temperature and the smoking temperature.  Did we tell you that it will also tell you when the meat is done and if the bbq gets too hot or cold??