Maverick ET-732 Remote BBQ/Smoker With High Heat Probes

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The ET-73 is a great product for those wishing to remotely monitor their smoker or bbq pit - But the ET-732 is the second generation.  Like the ET-73 you can remotely monitor the surfact temperature of your bbq or smoker and the temperature of the meat that you are cooking.  The nice thing about the ET-732 is that you can remotely monitor the meat and surface temperatures up to 300 feet away vs 100 feet for the ET-73 and the ET-732 also comes with probes that will take more heat.

While the ET-73 is definately a must for almost every person who likes to BBQ and Smoke meats..  the ET-732 is a definate must for those who need true perfection and one of the finest products on the market.  At our affiliated BBQ schools we use both the ET-73's and ET-732's.  That is because we bought the ET-73's before the ET-732 were on the market and the ET-73's are still working great.  We do like the extra distance the ET-732's give us for the remote as we cover a lot of area and the probes on the ET-732's are a definate improvement.  On a budget... get the ET-73 you will not be disappointed...  Not on a budget and want the best.. well then.. the ET-732 is your answer.