Norpro - Chef's Knife Plus EZ Meat Hammer Combo - From Seth's Corner

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From Seth's Corner - Yep - Here is the Norpro Great Chef's Knife Plus The Norpro EZ Meat Hammer Combo Baby!!!  Now if you have ever been to one of our affiliated BBQ and Grilling School's you know the importance of a great sharp knife and hammer combo!!!  Squash because an easy vegetable to tangle when you have a great combo!!! And boys you don't want to get caught using Mom's $80 precious little knife and watch her when you wack it with a meat hammer..  Bud!!!  You want to be using this great knife along with the meat hammer!!!  This knife sharpens up great and you will be beating on it for years to come!!! So individually you would pay $14.95 for the knife and $9.95 for the hammer for a total of like $24.95.... but combined..   Yep as a combo Seth has them priced together for just $21.95!!! That is great..  you won't be paying $24.95 for these as individual pieces you will just pay $21.95 and he will ship both of them to you!! That is a great savings... for something you need!!!