Norpro - Kitchen Twine - Sold As Individual Pieces!!! From Seth's Corner

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From Seth's Corner - Norpro Kitchen Twine - This is the perfect sized roll of kitchen twine to have sitting in your kitchen drawer when you need some kitchen twine ...  at the school we use this stuff to tie up our spices and garlic into our cheese cloth... you can probably think of 100 uses for the sting including the tying of some bacon around those chicken breasts.. Oh.. so you are a neat freek and don't want that string to unwind in your kitchen drawer..  well take a look at the really cool Stainless Steel - Cotton Twine Holder..  it is a great way to have your twine and keep it neat!!!   Anyway.. the twines are sold as individual pieces... you don't get the whole box... unless you order it... but this is a good item to have around the kitchen.   This is a great item to add to your big order... We guarantee you.. it will come in hand some time..   but keep in mind... the roll is really not long enough for kite flying... just kitchen tying!!! See also the Packaged Specials... where you will find a ball of twine and the twine holder packaged together for a great price!!!  Wow..  Way to go Seth!!!