Norpro - Stainless Steel Skewers - Package of 6 - No Soaking Required - From Seth's Corner

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From Seth's Corner - Norpro - Set of 6 - Stainless Steel Skewers -and they are 14 inches long with.... No Soaking Required!!! Stop burning up those wood skewers and having to soak those crazy things... get out a nice set of 6 Stainless Steel Reusable Skewers!!!  Dishwasher Safe...  as well!!!..  Just think instead of buring up the food and the skewers... here .. you can let the food burn but have the skewers available to use again and again... until you slow down, turn the grill down and learn how to really use your skewers...   better buy a coupld of packages..  as we know once you figure out how to use these great grilling tools you will be having the whole office over!!!