Norpro Stainless Steel Twine Holder With 4 Cotton Twine Balls - From Seth's Corner

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From Seth's Corner ---- Here it is!!!  - The Twine Combo -- Yep!!!  The Stylish Stainless Steel Twine Holder With A Total Of Four Balls of Twine!!!! Specially Priced!!!  Usually $11.95 for the Holder plus $2.95 Per Roll of twine for a total cost of $20.80...  It can all be yours for the reduced price of $16.95..  But wait!!! There is more.....  oooops I guess not..  the price of $16.95 for products that usually cost $20.80 is about a 20% discount.. and that is pretty cool!!! So don't just buy some twine that is going just get put into a drawer and wrap around all your other kitchen stuff!!! ...Get the twine and the cool twine holder and be STYLISH!!!  WOW!!  The twine holder itself comes with 1 ball of twine..   but this package includes the twine holder - plus a total of 4 balls of twine.  Three for use in the kitchen and maybe one extra to keep the cats busy!!  Anyway.. a great buy!!