Norpro - Stylish Stainless Steel Cotton Twine Holder With 1 Ball Of Twine - From Seth's Corner

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From Seth's Corner - IT IS THE NORPRO - STAINLESS STEEL TWINE HOLDER --- and yes it does come with 1 ball of string..  see our combination pack for this with extra string at a discount..  - And yep this stops the twine from twisting around in a drawer around all of your other little gadgets...   to a point where you have to cut the twine from around the apple coring maching or from around the spoons.  This is a stylish items fit for any gourmet kitchen...  but don't forget to by the twine that goes in it!!!!  Check out our packaged special section and I bet you will find two balls of twine and a twine holder for sale!!!  Any bets!!!  Good Job Seth!!!