Our "Smoker Pack 2" - Our Best Deal PLUS SOME

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So ok..  here is our best deal plus some (I guess should actually make this deal our best deal.. you decide)..so ..  below is what you get in our "Smoker Pack" ..  however in the Smoker Pack 2" we switch out the CDN DTTC-S Probe Thermometer for their Remote Probe Thermometer..  It is all the same stuff as outlined below..  but baby!!!  In this one you get the Remote Probe CDN!!! So just a little upgrade but still a great savings over buying the stuff priced individually!!!  This package is specially priced at $114.00


As noted in the specially priced Smoker Package!!!  You get what is noted below!! In the Smoker Two Package as noted above you get what is below...  but with an upgraded CDN Remote Thermometer.


So Wake Up... This Is Where You Get To Smell The Roses!!   So .. if you pick up The Great Maverick Remote 732 BBQ Thermometer For $59.95, a chicken stand for $7.95, a Bayou Classic - must have injector (if you have never injected anything buy one of our instruction discs...and see how it is done as you ...  yes -- you!!!  will never ever ever ever bbq or grill a chicken or smoke a turkey, pulled pork, pig, or brisket with injecting first) for $22.95, a have to use all the time CDN DTTC-S Thermostat for $19.95 and a really good cleaning brush for $7.95 you are going to be out $118.75 --- But if you buy these items all packaged together you will save over 10% and will pay only $99.00 plus shipping.  You will save huge!!! So for you BBQ and Grillers who want a great smoking package this is it!!!  The Smoker Pack --IS FOR THOSE WHO ARE SERIOUS ABOUT THE TOOLS THEY USE AROUND THE GRILL!!  Want to go wild!!! Get "The Smoker Pack 2" for $114.00 -- this includes the CDN Remote Thermostat instead of the CDN Probe Thermostat!!  Add two extra DTTC Probes to the smoker pack and you get "The Smoker Pack 3" for $124.00.