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Seth's Corner - Norpro - BBQ Items + More

So what's Seth Corner..Seth is the step son of one of the instructors and on weekends Seth comes over after the classes are done and helps do the dishes, takes out the garbage and does all of the laundry that gets dirty over the weekend (which is a lot) Anyway Seth saved all of his money from last year and suggested that we add some products to our on line store and to the stores at the bbq school.  Seth actually went out and found the Norpro line of great kitchen items and used his own money to buy the inventory for the store.  Seth will receive 80% of the profits from the inventory that he bought to be used to further his education.  Now what 15 year old do you know is willing to risk his hard earned money on inventory let alone have the money to invest in the first place to buy the inventory!!  So here are some of Seth's selections for people who like to BBQ and Grill!!  You will also see some of these items listed up in the BBQ and Grilling Accessories Section!!!  GOOD LUCK TO SETH!!