Smokehouse Outdoor Gas Smoker - Cooker Original Model

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Ready to think outside the box?? Smokehouse Products - developed this stand up outdoor Gas Smoker/Cooker with over 635 Square Inch of Grill Cooking Area.  This 40 pound gem can smoke or cook.  It can cook low and slow at 180 or crank it up baby but watch out when you do!!  The four shelves can hold lots of stuff and you can smoke everything from salmon to ribs from a chicken to a brisket.  (But don't forget to take one of our affiliated BBQ Classes before doing your first brisket!! )  The unit is light weight at 40 pounds and has plated dishwasher safe components.  The door opens from the front and is insulated.  While many smokers run off of electricity this baby is mobile as it runs off of propane.  If you would like a wider unit --- (which is easier for doing briskets) step up to the updated model noted as the Smokehouse OUtdoor Gas Smoker - Wide Addition.  It is just a few bucks more but the extra width really does help when doing a lot of briskets or a few racks of ribs.  When ordered this product is shipped directly from the factory right to your house!!! How Cool Is That!!! If you want you can also pick it up at our office and we will not charge for shipping.!!