Smokehouse Products - 4 - 5 Lb Bags Of Different Flavored Pellets - A 4 Pack If You Will!!!

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Pellets - Pellets - And More Pellets...  So..  Smokehouse Products has several flavors of pellets and when you just starting our or want to get an idea of what to use..  well..   then get the 4 pack...  it comes with Hickory, Apple, Alder and Mesquite Pellets!!! So this is great..   Hickory for Beef,  Ribs, Ham and Port.... Apple for Ham, Pork, Chicken and Sausage.... Alder .. For fish and red meat...   and of course Mesquite for beef, pork and chicken.....

Get Carried away and mix and match.. what the heck... it's your smoker!!!  Anyway this is a great way to start out!!!