Smokehouse Products - Little Chief Front Load - Red - Tuff Coat

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So here is original..   Really Cool ... Really Affordable....  Little Chief Front Load Smoker.  Way before there were pellet grills the was the Little Chief Smoker... and smoke and smoke and smoke it has for years and years.  What a great way to get someone started in the business of smoking meat.  While the older models were ok the new models are sturdier with the new wrap around box.  These Little Chiefs are also attractive in their new metal boxes with color choices of either Red or Blue.  Many of us had one of these guys when we were growing up and several at the BBQ schools can remember cutting rib racks in to two parts and smoking away.  Fish, Ribs, Jerky..  well.. you get the idea..  Get started with one of the originals and work your way up.... or just us this!!! It will last for many years!! This product can be shipped directly from the factory!!! Or you can pick it up at our office and save shipping costs. This is a 250 Watt Electric Element Unit.