Smokehouse Products - Mesquite Flavored Smoke Bullets (package of 3) - For The Smoke Pistol -- Up to 4 Hours Of Smoke Each Refill!!

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Smoke Bullets For The Smokehouse SmokePistol (wow up to 4 hours of smoke) and this is a 3 pack!! The flavor we are selling here is the Mesquite Flavor - pair with beef, pork and chicken.....  This item is a 3-Pack Pellet Refill for the SmokePistol.   If you don't have a Smokehouse SmokePistol you won't be needed this product... but if you have a Smokehouse SmokePistol... we know your smiling and doing some great smoking of meats, fish, chicken and ribs!!!  Again.. this is a 3 pack refill kit.