Smokehouse - Wood Chips - Variety Pack - 2 of Each Flavor - Use On Charcoal, Propane or Electric Units

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All right..  so. your like the rest of us.. this one bag at a time has got to stop!!! So Stop It!!!!  And just order up the Variety Pack from the BBQ and Grililng Store.  You will get 2 bags of each flavor of wood chips that we sell for a reduced price.  So you will get like two bags of the Hickkory, 2 of the Apple, 2 of the esquite, 2 of the Alder..  and 2 of the Cherry....  Usually $3.99 each plus shipping... baby.. when you buy the Variety Pack.. Man.. you get .. 10 bags.. at $3.59 Each .. plus shipping...  so you save like a bunch!!!  So.. don't quite need 10 bags...  then go for the 1 of each flavor bag!!!  You will then get 1 of each flavor for a total of 5 bags...    just look for the variety pack - 1 of each flavor!!