Smokehouse - Wood Chunks - Variety Pack - A 12 Pack - With Some of Each Flavor - Use On Charcoal, Propane or Electric Units

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All right..  so. your like the rest of us.. this one bag of wood chunks at a time has got to stop!!! So Stop It!!!!  And just order up the Variety Pack from the BBQ and Grililng Store.  You will get 2 bags of apple chunks, 2 bags of alder chunks, 2 bags of cherry chunks 2 bags of mesquite and 4 bags of hickory .... the most widely used chunks!!  --- for a reduced price.  Yep...  usually $3.99 each  .. you will pay less when you order up the 12 pack.  You will pay just $3.75 each for a total of $45.00 minus a nickel for the piggy bank for a total of $44.95 plus shipping. We like to ship these items direct from the factory to insure that the product is fresh but you can always stop buy our place (call ahead) and pick up the goods and save on shipping costs.!!  503-332-5900