The "Smoker Pack" - Our Best Deal On Some Of Our Best Stuff

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So Wake Up... This Is Where You Get To Smell The Roses!!   So .. if you pick up The Great Maverick Remote 732 BBQ Thermometer For $59.95, a chicken stand for $7.95, a Bayou Classic - must have injector (if you have never injected anything buy one of our instruction discs...and see how it is done as you ...  yes -- you!!!  will never ever ever ever bbq or grill a chicken or smoke a turkey, pulled pork, pig, or brisket with injecting first) for $22.95, a have to use all the time CDN DTTC-S Thermostat for $19.95 and a really good cleaning brush for $7.95 you are going to be out $118.75 --- But if you buy these items all packaged together you will save over 10% and will pay only $99.00 plus shipping.  You will save huge!!! So for you BBQ and Grillers who want a great smoking package this is it!!!  The Smoker Pack --IS FOR THOSE WHO ARE SERIOUS ABOUT THE TOOLS THEY USE AROUND THE GRILL!!  Want to go wild!!! Get "The Smoker Pack 2" for $114.00 -- this includes the CDN Remote Thermostat instead of the CDN Probe Thermostat!!  Get "The Smoker Pack 3" and it includes two discounted DTTC Extra Probes $124.00.