The Ultimate BBQ Kit For All Of You Folks Who Like To Smoke Meat

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Ok if you read down below you will see what is in our Ultimate BBQ Kit!!!  This is really a good buy!!! 

So.. The Ultimate BBQ Kit --- It is the best of the best... and is for the serious smoker and grilling Guru!!!..  It contains all of the items that are shown in some of our other kits plus more....  All of the items sold seperately add up to over $170... Only as a package we sell all of these items together for only $139.95

So here is what is in the package!!!  1.  BBQ Chicken Stand, 2.  The Must Have CDN TCT Fold Out Thermometer 3.  Our 6 Hour BBQ and Grilling 101 Class with all the recipes plus a few more all in PDF format, 4.  A CDN DTTC Probe Thermometer 5.  A CDN Surface Thermometer 6.  A BBQ and Grill Cleaning Brush 7.  Our Must Have Bayou Classic Huge Meat Injector 8.  Norpro's Great BBQ Kleve Chef Knife and 9.  The Most Wonderful Norpro Meat Tenderizer or what I call the must have meat Hammer!!

This package sells for $139.95 and is primarily for the guys who like to smoke meats!!!  All of the products do work well on the gas grill but this package is really designed for those who like to cook low and slow baby!!!

For those of you who are just starting out.. be sure to check out our Starter Kit!!