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Tracker Safes - Yep Really Cool Safes

Really Cool Tracker Safes - And yep we even have some that can sit by your bed that you can open up quickly using your personal fingerprint - THINK ABOUT THAT!!! And for you rifle owners we have safes that can hold up to 45 guns plus some ammo!!!  So take a look and see which one fits your needs!!! 

Given the weight of most safes -- it does not make much sense to have these items shipped but we can easily make arrangements to have you meet us at our Vancouver or Seattle location where you can pick up the items for free!!!  We can also personally deliver your safe(s) to your home for a modest fee.  So while the products will be marked as "free shipping" understand that what we are really saying is that there is no fee to have you pick up the safe you want at our location.